Why Location Research?

In nature, location matters greatly. Most living things thrive in certain environments and perish in others. The business world is no different. Most businesses have an ideal "habitat" in which to operate, as well as environments they should avoid. GeoMarketing Research exists to help its clients create optimal business location strategies better, faster, and cheaper than if they did it alone.

Why is location research important to your business?

Location is Inevitable. Many business decisions involve location to some degree. Sometimes business location problems are obvious, like selecting a site for a new store. Business location problems can be much more subtle, however. Explore our case studies to see how location is a critical, but often overlooked, factor in business success.

Location is Expensive. The only thing more expensive than a good business location strategy is a bad one. Explore our case studies to learn how we can improve your bottom line by avoiding location errors or capitalizing on hidden market opportunities.

Location is Static. Location choices are often hard to reverse. Today's location choices will impact your bottom line, for good or bad, for many years to come.

Location is Dynamic. Today’s ideal location can become tomorrow’s poor location, and vice versa. Changes in market factors like demographics, competitor locations, or transportation patterns will impact the appropriateness of a location for a given business activity. Location research provides an early warning to emerging threats and opportunities in the business landscape.