Our Method

Our methodology is modeled on scientific research. It is easy to understand, logical, and advances our dedication to quality research and client satisfaction.

Our Research Method.

Simpler is better. All GeoMarketing Research projects follow five sequential steps.
  1. Set Objectives. First, we find out if and how we can help you. After you describe your needs, we create a research agenda and customize a course of action to satisfy it. Work proceeds only after you are comfortable with all aspects of the project (scope, format, delivery deadline, cost, etc.).
  2. Gather Data. We use the best combination of primary, public, commercial, and client data sources to meet your research objectives.
  3. Analyze Data. We apply our skills in data reporting, analysis, forecasting, and mapping to gain insights on your research objectives.
  4. Form Conclusions. We combine the results of our data analysis and our experience with real-world business location problems to answer your questions.
  5. Present Results. We can present our results however you like – from a formal presentation to a large audience of top managers to an informal telephone briefing of a single person – or anything in between.

How Our Methodology Benefits You

Client Satisfaction. Our method forces us to understand what you want and how we will get it for you – before we sign onto to your job.

Excellent Results. Our rigorous, scientific approach yields concrete, actionable research tailored to your specific questions instead of the vague, fuzzy results too common in business consulting.

Customized Results. We avoid “cookie cutter” research. Our method lets us design a project to meet your specific needs. Our method is scalable to any business location problem at any level of geography, and lets us tailor our research to your organization’s internal constraints (such as time or expense).

Reduced Costs. A detailed research plan helps us produce better work in less time – which means lower costs for you.