Our Difference

What makes GeoMarketing Research different?

Quality. Unlike most of our competitors, business location research is the only thing we do. We do not offer location analysis as a means of selling you other services like accounting, tax advice, or data. To survive, we must always give our clients the best location research possible.

Customization. While we are consistent in our methods, we believe each project is unique. We tailor our research to your specific questions.

Customer Service. Our success depends on your satisfaction, so we strive to give the best customer service in our industry.

Open Folder Policy. Our clients are invited to view their project at any stage of completion. Our “open folder” policy also extends to administrative aspects of your project like expense reporting, travel itineraries, etc..

Confidentiality. We do not, unless explicitly directed to do so by our clients, share any aspect of their project with anyone. We will gladly sign any non-disclosure agreement your organization requires.